A good many of us are reluctant to let other people know the extent of the challenges we face. Nevertheless, we are blessed with wonderful friends who are constantly keeping an eye out for us.

One elderly lady’s greatest friend was there to assist her when she fell on hard times, and she initiated the effort to give this woman a spectacular Christmas.

She is the only caregiver for her family of six children.

Ella Setzler, a widow in her seventieth year, has raised all six of her great-grandchildren as her own. Even though it would seem to be an overwhelming amount, she is of the opinion that it is well worth it. She says:

It was imperative for me to save them since they have such a significant place in my heart.

Behind the scenes, though, this loving great-grandmother was going through a rough patch.

More difficult than it seems to be.

She was dealing with a significant amount of financial stress.

She was a military widow who did not generate a significant salary on her own, and the strain of caring for six children on top of the costs of living was too much for her to bear.

Her house had a water leak that needed to be fixed, which would set her back an additional $900 on top of her monthly expenses for rent, her vehicle, the utilities, and daycare. She just lacked the financial resources necessary to keep up with everything else going on.

She was lucky in that she had one trustworthy buddy who was watching out for her. Her buddy Alice was aware that she needed some assistance. However, Alice was not able to solve all of Ella’s problems for her. She states that

“She is suffering, and I am suffering along with her since I am unable to assist her.”

Alice was aware of where she might turn for assistance, despite the fact that she was unable to meet all of Ella’s requirements financially.

She made contact with the FOX5 Surprise Squad, which is an organization that looks for individuals of the community who are in need of assistance and accepts suggestions for them.

The Surprise Suad made an appearance.

She started crying as soon as she realized what was going on, which was quite quickly. After that, Ms. Alice arrived, and the two of them immediately embraced each other vigorously.

Ms. Ella was helped by a large number of individuals.
Her water problems were resolved at no cost thanks to the combined efforts of the nonprofit Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada and Aqua Plumbing.

That act of compassion was all it took to bring tears to Ms. Ella’s eyes.

The assistance she received was not just geared at putting her financial house in order. The group of people who were devoted to supporting her also understood how important it was to provide Ms. Ella the opportunity to indulge in some self-care.

Following the delivery of the uplifting information on the manner in which her property would be repaired, a limousine arrived and took her and Ms. Alice away for a day at the spa.

The unexpected occurrences continued.

Everyone from the Surprise Squad came over to Ms. Ella’s home and helped her get it all decked up for Christmas. They gave the property a thorough cleaning and outfitted it with brand new furnishings before moving in.

They went as far as to plant a tree.

The Sniper Team placed the Christmas gifts that they had purchased for each of Ms. Ella’s children underneath the brand-new Christmas tree that they had just decorated. They went as far as giving each youngster a gift card for $500.

The greatest present of them all?

United Nissan made the decision to cover her rent for a whole year at her current residence.

The owners of the firm were moved to assist in this manner because they were so moved by Ms. Ella’s warmth and friendliness, and she couldn’t control herself when she heard that fantastic news. This is what inspired the owners of the company to assist in this manner.

Her eyes and her heart were filled to capacity.
“The Lord has listened to my supplications! Put your faith and reliance in the Lord, and He will find a way for you to succeed! He cleared a path for me to follow.” Ella cried tears of gratitude and appreciation as she expressed her thanks.

Ms. Ella’s life is profoundly altered as a result of this kind deed, which demonstrates that she is blessed to have such a wonderful friend.

Ms. Ella’s utility costs are going to be significantly reduced once the water problem is resolved, and she will also no longer be late on her rent.

In addition, she will make everyone in the family happy and improve their circumstances if she plans an incredible holiday for her great-grandchildren.

It’s not about the gifts, okay? One of Ella’s great grandchildren said it best when she remarked, “It’s about loving your family.”

Watch the video of their jubilant return home below!:

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