Maggie Smith and Beverly Cross’s relationship was one that defied the odds at every turn. However, once the screenwriter passed away, Smith was left with a shattered heart and felt that life had no purpose.

Maggie Smith, an actress from the United Kingdom, is one Hollywood celebrity who has managed to captivate her audience with her abilities while maintaining strict confidentiality about her personal life.

Smith’s work in movies, on film, and in the theater helped solidify her status as one of the most prominent stars in Hollywood. However, current audiences know her best as Professor Minerva McGonagall from the “Harry Potter” series. In that role, she plays a character that is authoritative yet impartial.

She portrays the role of Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham, in the show “Downton Abbey.” However, these are only the most recent examples of a long line of roles that the formidable actress has played in the past and brought to life.

During the 1990s, Smith had roles in a number of movies, including the Whoopi Goldberg comedy “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.” In addition, the actress’s performance in the historical drama “Downton Abbey” garnered a great deal of praise from critics and audiences alike. Because of her performance, she was awarded an Emmy in 2011, 2012, and 2016 respectively.

Smith is the only person in history to have won two Academy Awards. In 1969, she was given the first prize for her performance in “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie” as an idealistic and unorthodox schoolteacher. Her performance in Neil Simon’s “California Suite” earned her a second nomination for best-supporting actress in 1978. This time, the trophy was given to her.

Smith has had such a brilliant acting career, in fact, that the business has run out of honors for her to receive at this point. As a direct consequence of this, she was presented with accolades for her lifetime of achievements.

Her elevation to the rank of Dame Commander in the Order of the British Empire (DBE) in 1990 is widely regarded as the highlight of her career. In addition, she was honored with the title of Companion of Honor in 2014. (CH).

Behind the scenes, Smith was a part of a relationship that would go down in history as one of the most important of the 20th century. The actress shared her life with another film star, Beverly Cross, and had a wonderful time doing it. This is how they first got to know one other.

Cross was a prolific writer who is most remembered for his first play, “One More River,” which debuted in 1959, and the boisterous musical comedy “Half a Sixpence,” which he also wrote in 1959. Both of these works are considered to be Cross’s most famous works. Despite this, the primary thing that people remember him for is the protracted search that he conducted for Smith.

In 1952, during a student revue in Oxford, where Cross was a student at the time, the pair first met. The author experienced instant awe and wonder in response to Smith, who was 18 at the time.

Cross had tied the knot with Elizabeth Clunies-Ross, a fellow Oxford student, but he struggled to move on from his relationship with Smith. After the two started having an affair, Cross ended his marriage in order to be with his true love. Things did not work out as expected, which is unfortunate.

Smith first met and fell in love with fellow actor Robert Stephens when they were both performing at the new National Theater that had been opened by Laurence Olivier. The couple tied the knot, and soon after, Cross began to harbor a homicidal hatred for Stephens. The playwright’s disappointment led to his eventual marriage to the model Gayden Collins.

During the first few years of their marriage, Smith and Stephens had a joyful existence together as a married couple. The couple eventually became parents to two boys, Chris Larkin and Toby. The kids of the actress went into the film profession much as their mother had, following in her footsteps.

Because the actor struggled with alcoholism and infidelity, life with Stephens eventually became intolerable for the couple. In addition, Smith’s marriage to her first husband dissolved in 1975, which made her an easy target for Cross, who had been an intimate partner to Smith in the past.

Cross remarried Collins, a model, shortly after her divorce in 1975, but she swiftly filed for another divorce from Collins. In the same year, he wed Smith and became involved in the upbringing of her two kids. Although they did not have any children together, the years that the couple spent together were the happiest of their lives.

Smith remained a happy spouse to the playwright for the last 23 years of her life. Because she did not want to cause Cross any discomfort, the actress chose not to discuss her marriage to Stephens throughout the time that they were married.

Later on, Smith said that despite their breakup, she loved Stephens since he was the father of her children. Despite this, she treasured her life with Cross. The 87-year-old lady considered herself quite fortunate to have wed the guy who was always her ideal partner.

Cross passed away in 1998 when he was 66 years old. The playwright had medical treatment for a number of aneurysms before he passed away. His passing was a tragedy not just for those who were fond of him but also for his wife, Smith. It completely upended her life. The screenwriter’s children continued on after his passing, including two daughters from his first marriage, a son from his second marriage, and two stepsons from his second marriage.

Smith did not reveal how she felt about life without her long-time partner until several years after he had passed away. When asked how she managed her grief when he passed away, the mother of two said,

“I really have no idea. It doesn’t appear to serve many purposes. Having no one to talk to or share the experience with when one is traveling alone.”

Smith said that in order to get over the grief of his passing, she shifted her attention to her profession. “The actor known for his role in “Harry Potter” said, “They say it [the agony] goes away, but it doesn’t. It simply becomes different. ‘ It’s terrible, but what can you do about it?”

After that, Smith said, “After the chaos, you find yourself a lot more alone in your thoughts. A day that is totally packed with things to do might help divert your attention away from the fact that you are by yourself, but when all of those things cease, the stillness can be deafening.”

Since the loss of her second spouse, the actress has continued to live a solitary life. Smith had the following response when she was asked whether she would ever contemplate loving again: “I don’t believe I would meet somebody that could come anywhere close Bev.”

After Cross’s passing, Smith maintained his career in the film industry. Having said that, she also had problems with her health. The breast cancer that was discovered in the actress best known for her role in “Sister Act” has forced her into a fight for her life.

Smith said that the treatments she received made her nervous about going back inside the theater. After undergoing therapy for a period of two years, the actress eventually received confirmation that the illness no longer affected her.

When asked how she found out she had cancer, Smith said that she had felt a lump in her breast, and a subsequent trip to the physician verified what she had suspected. After receiving her diagnosis, the multi-talented actress continued filming “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” even though she was getting treatment for cancer.

Smith is still a significant presence in the Hollywood industry despite the fact that she has significantly cut down on her public appearances in recent years. Despite this, her legacy has been preserved.

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