In southern Colorado, the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is the non-profit organization that operates the biggest animal shelter there is. After receiving a dog by the name of Jazzmin, the staff were engaged in an appalling incident involving the mistreatment of animals.

Near her knee, Sweet Jazzmin had a bone that had totally snapped in two, and there was signs of a fracture that had healed over time. They made the decision to impound the dog so that they could conduct a thorough investigation while also protecting the animal.

Unfortunately, the situation became much worse. After being inspected, it was discovered that Jazzmin showed symptoms of an imbedded muzzle on her snout in addition to a fracture in her hip. The account that her owners gave to the cops did not fit the severity of her numerous injuries in any way.

As a result of having sufficient proof, law enforcement officials were able to prosecute her owners with inhumane treatment of animals. The Humane Society of Pikes Peak was able to get complete ownership of the dog so that she could begin the rehabilitation process.

However, despite the fact that she had to have her fractured leg amputated, she is doing well and has started the long process of getting well.

We are thankful that there are kind individuals in the world who care about animals and work to rescue them from terrible circumstances. We hope everything works out for you, Jazzmin!

By Elen

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