In Austin, Texas, Erin Breean made the first discovery of the strange cat while she was out walking her dog with her boyfriend.

According to what Breean shared with The Dodo, “because it’s hot here, we walk our dog late at night — it was midnight.” This cat is located at the end of an alley, which is about two blocks away from the home where we are. We are very acquainted with most of the cats in the neighborhood as a result of the fact that we walk our dog on a daily basis; however, I had never seen this cat before.

Because the cat had a pleasant demeanor and looked to be well-fed, Breean reasoned that it probably belonged to someone but had been separated from them.

Breean provided the following explanation: “He came up to us and rubbed on our ankles.” “However, when my dog came up to see him, [the cat] attempted to attack him and pursued him down the street for a short bit,” the owner said. “[The cat] is really territorial.” After that, we kept them apart, and my boyfriend took our dog with him when he left.

Breean lingered outdoors for a little while with the cat so that she could take photographs of it. She intended to post the pictures on the Facebook page for Austin’s lost and found items in the event that he was still missing.

Breean elaborated, “The cat was sitting with me the entire time, rubbing on me and turning over on his tummy to be massaged, and he was extremely lovely.”

When Breean attempted to leave for the day, the cat, whom she had given the name Greg, accompanied her.

“I told him, ‘Hey, dude, don’t follow me home if you live on the street or at your house,'” Breean explained. “Hey, man, don’t follow me home whether you live on the street or at your house.”

On the other side, Greg gave no indication that he was about to leave. He drove up in front of Breean’s home and sat in his car while he saw her going inside through the window. Because Breean was concerned that he was going to get parched, he offered him something to eat and drink, which only helped to boost his spirits.

According to Breean, “He sat for a little less than an hour close to that small window.” “Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I had no choice except to ignore him in order to prevent him from returning home or wherever he had come from.”

When Greg looked to be leaving the house via a window, Breean and her partner were under the impression that he had arrived home. However, they were incorrect once again.

“When I sat down on the sofa, I was startled to discover someone watching me,” Breean explained. “I had gone into the kitchen to get something to eat for myself, but when I sat down, I saw someone watching me.”

Greg had moved around to the rear of the house and was seeing them from a window there.

Breean provided an explanation by saying, “He was simply sitting there observing us on the sofa watching TV.” “He sat there screaming for more than an hour,” she said. After making an unsuccessful attempt to enter via the dog door, he curled up… and went sleeping.

Greg came back the next morning and remained there throughout the whole day. Additionally, he went on the evening stroll that Breean, her partner, and the three of them had with their dog, Murphy.

According to Breean, “We walk our dog about a mile, and he was with us the entire time and attempting to chase our dog.”

During those four days, he did not allow Breean to leave his sight at any point.

You were free to visit the basement at any hour of the night…

It would be nothing but those bright eyes,” Breean said, explaining what the viewer would see. He was peering between the slats of the blinds. It was entertaining as well as scary… Then, after some time had passed, you would begin to wait for him and search for him. He was keeping a close watch on you the whole time.”

During this time, Breean was attempting to determine Greg’s family connection. She shared a number of postings about him on various social media platforms; nevertheless, no one claimed him. She even fashioned a paper collar for him and affixed a note to it in the hopes that he would return to his owner, who would then be notified of Greg’s wayward ways; however, none of these methods were successful in reuniting Greg with his master.

Because Greg seemed to be in good condition and had had enough care, she decided against taking him to the local animal shelter or to the veterinarian because she believed that such trips would be upsetting for him.

According to Breean, “My own cat [Max] is really nice, and he has been known to go to the homes of our neighbors and break in and spend time with them.” “Because I wouldn’t want anybody to take Max anyplace,” you see, “I didn’t want to take him [Greg] to the Humane Society or the vet or anything [until I realized he needed care].” “I didn’t want to take him [Greg] to the Humane Society or the vet or anything.”

There were moments when she considered allowing Greg to stay inside, but she eventually came to the conclusion that this was a terrible idea since he may attack Murphy once again.

Greg’s owner was eventually found thanks to the arrival of a volunteer from Austin’s Lost and Found Pet Services who had a microchip scanner with them and was able to read the information contained on Greg’s chip.

“At some random point in the evening, between 9 and 10 o’clock, the proprietor sent me an SMS,” recounts Breean. When I asked him about Kylo, he said, “Hey, you’ve got Kylo.” “Are you sure that’s the cat? I asked. Yeah, he said. Do you have him? “Yes, he’s here,” was the response I gave. Currently, you may find him lounging in my backyard.

Kylo’s owner, Michael Navarrete, lived in an apartment building a few streets away, and Kylo had wandered out unknowingly one night. Michael Navarrete was looking for Kylo. Later that same evening, Navarrete went searching for him.

According to Breean’s explanation, Navarrete was pleased to finally meet him. “He cried for five minutes.”

Even though Breean and her partner still find themselves missing Kylo in some weird way, Breean is pleased that he is back where he belongs.

“My partner made the remark the other day, ‘I wonder what Greg is up to,'” Breean related the conversation. “And at that moment I realized, ‘Me too.'”

While Breean was reminiscing about Greg’s time, she posted the narrative on Catspotting, a private Facebook forum for cat lovers. The story soon gained widespread attention once it was posted there.

“He was determined to get inside the home, whether it was to live with us, phone his dad, or kill my dog,” Breean said further. “He was desperate to get into the house.” “I’m not sure whether one is correct. However, he was resolute in his pursuit.”

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