When it comes to romantic relationships, having to choose between two options is almost always an indication of trouble. writes to the hilt

When one person drives the other to make a decision that is impossible, it is generally an indication that there are broader difficulties in the relationship, and all of these issues suddenly come to a head in one difficult predicament.

There was an obstacle to overcome when this guy and his girlfriend spoke about moving in together, and that obstacle was the fact that his fiancée detested his dog. Therefore, she forced him to make a decision: it was either her or the dog…

Molly, the beagle, was not liked by the man’s girlfriend at all, which made it difficult for them to move in together. Therefore, she presented him with a choice: either her or me. Almost immediately after that, he posted the following ad on Craigslist: “My girlfriend does not like my beagle Molly. Therefore, it is imperative that I find a new home for her.

I’ve had her for the last four years, and she comes from an affluent part of the country. She enjoys competing in various games. Not completely trained in it. Because she has long hair, she requires a little more upkeep than the average person, particularly when it comes to her nails, but she enjoys getting manicures.

“Stays up the whole night yapping, yet sleeps while I go about my business. Consumes nothing but the finest, most expensive meals available. Will NEVER offer you unconditional love when you’re feeling depressed or meet you at the door after a hard day of work or school. Does not bite, but she can be a real jerk when she wants to be!”

He closed the article by saying, “So…anyone interested in my 30-year-old girlfriend who is self-centered, evil, and gold-digging? Come and grab her! My dog and I are both eager for her to find a new home as quickly as possible!!”

LOL! The’s a terrible position to be in, but judging from the sound of it, that person made the decision that was best for the situation. It’s just asking too much to demand that anybody give up their beloved pet.

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