Grayden, age 10, was on his way home when he was approached by unknown individuals who attempted to coax him into entering their car. He ran as fast as he could toward his front porch, but the door was already shut, and the automobile had begun to reverse. It was a terrifying situation that took place just in front of the home where a family lived. However, a potential catastrophe was avoided right from the beginning owing to the alertness and fast thinking of one little child.

However, by the time nighttime arrived, the trip had become hazardous.

Inside inside a white vehicle sat three men, all of whom were complete strangers to one another. They were following Grayden closely as he made his way back to his residence and were watching his every move.

Films from surveillance cameras courageous young man attempting to escape three men who are chasing him in a vehicle

Grayden said to FOX 13 that once they greeted him and his companions, he sped up his pace. They told us to go in the backseat because they had some sweets.

They made an effort to persuade Grayden to accompany them on their journey.

Grayden was fast to take action. He was aware that there was a significant potential for harm resulting from the circumstances. Therefore, rather of confronting the guys in combat, he fled in the direction of their residence by running down the street.

The car didn’t let up and tried to follow where Grayden was headed. He quickly ran to their porch in hopes that he could finally escape the horrifying episode.

The automobile drove close to the home before coming to a halt nearby.

Grayden can be seen glancing over at the guys and craning his neck in the unsettling surveillance video to get a better look at what they are doing.

They had pulled over a short distance away from the home and were most likely looking to see if anybody was coming out to assist the child.

However, as Grayden twisted the knob, he saw that the door was locked. This surprised him.

The lights on the back of the automobile turned on.

Grayden ran in a hurry to the side of the walkway where boulders were strewn over their beautifully groomed lawn. He was heard yelling, “Mom! Mom! Get away! Get out of here!” the person said, before threatening to throw rocks at the strange vehicle. Grayden seized his chance to flee and made a break for the neighbor’s home as soon as it presented itself. To our good fortune, the door was already ajar. After storming in, he immediately closed and shut the door behind himself. He saw the automobile pull into the driveway of another neighbor and then stood there, seeming to keep an eye on the youngster from a distance.

When the crisis ended, the family was left scarred.

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