A pit bull puppy that was saved from certain loss and then reunited with the person who rescued it had the best surprise possible. (Based on Recent Discoveries) A Marine from Nova Scotia named Joey Wagner went above and above the call of duty when he rescued a Pit Bull puppy that was on the edge of pass.

When Wagner found out that the dog had mange, he sprang into action right away! Immediately after the incident, he rushed him to the animal hospital to get treatment. It was fortunate that he had the insight to spare the life of the dog. Mojo was given as his name by the medical staff in honor of the puppy’s miraculous recovery. Mojo was not going to be given up for adoption in the conventional sense by the medical team.

As a result, they naturally went out to a very particular person to inquire whether or not he would welcome Mojo into his house. It was plain to see that he had already made room in his heart for…

When Wagner went back to the veterinary facility to look at his new puppy, he was welcomed in a most special manner. Mojo couldn’t contain his elation when he finally laid eyes on the person who had saved his life. Without a shadow of a doubt, he remembered Wagner, and the concept of bringing them back together was an excellent one!

Mojo has already reached the age of three and is doing really well. He is an exceptionally cheerful youngster who enjoys a tranquil existence with Wagner and his family. It is said that he is pampered to an extraordinary degree.

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