You are probably thinking that all that happened was that you saw a picture of a cheetah. Is that the case? Because I had the exact same thinking! After a single glance at a photograph of Titus, you are certain that he is a cheetah, and you give this assumption no more consideration. However, contrary to first impressions, Titus is not at all who he seems to be.
In point of fact, Titus is a pitbull; more specifically, he is a very uncommon and distinctive Albanian pitbull, and there is no other animal of his kind that is comparable to him. Are you now having your mind blown? Because the breed of this dog is so rare, there is only one live evidence that the breed actually exists, and that is Titus himself. He is the sole example of the breed.

Titus is a well-known pitbull, and many people know him as “the dog with cheetah spots.” This is because the first thing that most people notice about Titus is his unique coat pattern, which resembles the spots seen on cheetahs. Before this photo went popular over the internet, however, only a small number of people knew about Titus and the unusual breed that he belonged to.

Although there are many dogs in today’s world that resemble cheetahs in some manner, it is quite unlikely that you will discover a dog that is able to replicate the looks of a cheetah as well as this one does. They assert that this look is the result of a “mutation,” and that this “mutation” may not always be entirely natural in certain situations.

There are a variety of approaches one may use in order to give a canine the look of a cheetah. Many people are of the opinion that while this dog’s body and face were an exact reproduction of a cheetah, the spots on Titus were probably applied by groomers using non-toxic, temporary ink, which is totally acceptable for animals to consume.

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