When you’re a dog owner, it’s not uncommon to wake up in the middle of the night hugged by a giant fuzzy ball, but one couple in Polk County, Tennessee, was taken by surprise when they discovered the dog resting next to them was none of their canines.

Wake up next to one of the Johnsons’ three lovely dogs is just another day at the workplace for Julie and Jimmy Johnson, who are the proud owners of all three of these furry companions. It wasn’t until a few days ago that they realized the enormous sleeping dog that had been waking them up wasn’t theirs.

“My husband said, ‘Julie. Whose dog is this, anyway? For the first 10 seconds after I turned over, we were simply looking at each other,” the lady revealed to THE DODO. “I told him, ‘That’s not our dog,'” he recalls. “He agreed.” All she wanted to do was cuddle up with me.”

The Johnsons, who are both huge animal advocates, didn’t mind being given a bear hug by a friendly furry friend. However, they needed to find out how this nice puppy got inside the house, and most importantly, who the dog could have belonged to. They then posted the unbelievable account on Facebook for everyone to see.

“It is totally typical to wake up in our home with one of OUR pets on the bed with us,” the lady said in her letter. “Our dogs are part of the furniture.” The only issue is that THIS IS NOT OUR DOG, and we have no idea how the dog came into our home in the first place. We first assumed it was one of our pets, but they don’t usually sleep on the pillows! In the total darkness, I just assumed that it was. We’d all want to, wouldn’t we? As soon as the first rays of sunlight penetrated our curtains, we were acutely aware that we were sharing our bed with another person’s pet. This is by far the strangest post that I have ever been required to produce. Is this your dog, by any chance? Could you kindly share?

Nala’s owners posted a message on Facebook that said, “Our excessively friendly pooch, Nala, has achieved an all-time record for disrespecting personal space and added yet another trick to her extensive list of Houdini tricks.” “She slipped her collar yesterday while being walked, went down the street to a neighbor’s home, somehow managed to get INTO their house, and crawled into bed with them in the middle of the night.”

In the end, it was discovered that Nala had “slipped her collar” and was running across the neighborhood. On the other hand, the Johnson family left their back door open by mistake, which allowed the friendly dog to slip inside and decide to take a nap on their bed!

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