What steps would you take if an unexpected visitor brought a young dog to your home?

Emily Jokinen and her husband have become parents for the first time to a little girl. They felt as if their family was complete now that they had the gorgeous baby as well as their pet George.

They had no plans to add a new member to the family, but when this stunning puppy chose them, they were unable to refuse him.

Emily’s search for a pacifier and subsequent reassurance that everything was great with her child caused her to awaken in the middle of the night. When he went downstairs again, however, he saw that they had a very important guest with them.

“When I got up this morning, my wife greeted me by saying, ‘Everything is well with the child, but there’s a puppy in our home.’ Jack Jokinen, Emily’s husband, said that “I didn’t know what he was talking about.”

Jack and Emily were perplexed for a considerable amount of time before they realized what had taken place. At the time, it was December, and they pondered whether or not it had been an unusual Christmas gift for the recipient.

“We had no clue whether she was from the road or if someone was searching for her,” Jack continued, “and we were at a loss for what to do.”

They carried out a careful investigation of the property and found that the front door had been left open accidentally.

The hairy girl had traveled there in the hopes of finding somewhere warm to take refuge from the icy weather.

According to Jack’s account, he walked downstairs and saw what seemed to be a dog that had been drenched in rain in the middle of our home.

They continued to pet him for the remainder of the morning before making the decision to contact a veterinarian a few hours later.

The dog did not have a chip, and the circumstances surrounding her appearance seemed to point to the fact that she had been living on the road. They settled on the name Suzy for her and expressed worry about how frail she seemed. He seemed to be a little on the feeble side as all of his ribs were exposed and he was pale.

Suzy may have had a troubled history, but she is now in a safe setting. Jack said, “And there are moments when I wonder whether Suzy would have survived the winter at all if I hadn’t left the door open.

He also had a significant number of ticks on his small legs in addition to a few very minor injuries.

The poor creature did not have an easy existence, but she made sure to surround herself with the appropriate people.

They came to the conclusion that they may not be able to release her. They started offering her all of the assistance that she need, including one of the beds that belonged to their dog George.

A few days later, the hairy one showed how well she had acclimated to her new family by demonstrating how well she had adapted. Not only did she get along well with the other dog, but she also showed a great deal of love for the little child.

It seems as if she was meant to succeed there.

“She gives off the impression of being a happy dog. Jack said that “every time we give her food and attention, she is quite thankful,” and added that she expresses her gratitude verbally.

After Jack published the story on Twitter, the peculiar rescue immediately became a phenomenon that was discussed all over the internet. We pray that beautiful Suzy will recover her strength and be able to live her new life to the maximum extent possible in the security and convenience of her own home.

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