Every day presented Helen, the stray dog, with a fresh obstacle to conquer on her way to achieving her ultimate goal: surviving the harsh realities of life. The dog had never lived in a house or been cared for by a person.

She was aimlessly wandering around the streets of Romania when a passing visitor took note of her. When the nice lady saw the lost dog, she was overcome with emotion and couldn’t hold back her emotions. Therefore, she didn’t waste any time and dialed the number for the animal rescue group Howl of a Dog. Soon after, the volunteers arrived and took the poor puppy with them.

The stray dog was taken to the veterinarian, where she had a comprehensive checkup. It was determined that the dog was infected with anaplasmosis, a disease carried by thick-borne organisms. Helen began to receive her-treatment.

The employees at the animal shelter said that the dog was a very peaceful and playful dog, and that after she had had the necessary treatment, she would be put up for adoption. Observe how kind and thoughtful this traveler was. It served as a wonderful lesson for all of us to remember that we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the strays that roam the streets.

By Elen

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