When you need to take an injured animal to a shelter, you should do it with great caution. Many animal shelters have earned the reputation of being “kill shelters” since the only thing they do with the animals that are brought to them is euthanize and put them to sleep. It is obvious that there are occasions in which there is no other choice, but this is not always the case.

Kill shelters have a tendency to be a bit too quick to pull the gun, and they had intended to put poor Robin to death before someone arrived to claim him. When members of Vet Ranch jumped in to rescue Robin there were just five minutes left till he was scheduled to be put down. It was at this time that they discovered that he provides the nicest hugs.

Because Robin had fractured her leg, she was transported to the animal shelter. On the other hand, Vet Ranch realized that his leg only had a bruise. There was not a pause in between. There is no doubt that Robin is one fortunate dog. However, it was not until after they had rescued him that they realized how much he enjoyed being hugged. Hugs were his favorite. In addition to that, his embraces are without a doubt the cutest things in the whole wide world.

Watch the video to see some of the cutest hugs he’s ever given. When he gives a hug, Robin exudes an infectious smile. We give thanks to God that he was rescued just in time to avoid being put to death. Especially considering that he didn’t sustain any real injuries in the process! Vet Ranch unquestionably saved his life, and now he may live for the rest of his days in peace and prosperity.

Robin was adopted less than a month after he was rescued, and his wonderful personality is thriving in the forever home that he now calls his own. His adoptive mom has assured us that he is being pampered and cared for to the fullest extent possible. Because he is such a nice dog, we have no doubt that he is returning the favor by providing loads of hugs.

What are your thoughts on this really cute puppy? What should we make of his hugs? Leave a comment below telling us what you think about Robin, and share this post with your loved ones and close friends.

By Elen

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