Meet Baby, a ten-year-old cat that considers a cat-shaped ornamental rock to be her closest companion. Baby enjoys snoozing and purring with her dearest buddy, the rock. Although it may seem absurd, Baby has a deep affection for the rock cat and thinks of it as her most treasured buddy.

However, despite the fact that Baby has never had a tail, her owners claim that she has always been a very average cat. She is much like any other cat in that she enjoys her beauty rest and is constantly looking for new places to do so in order to keep things interesting. She also likes to take naps in her backyard and enjoys playing outdoors when the weather is nice.

After purchasing the ornamental rock around four months ago, Baby’s family made the decision to place it in their garden. They had no idea that Baby would notice the rock when they brought it home since their intention was just to use it as a decoration for the garden. Therefore, it came as a huge shock to them when Baby developed such a strong affection for it.

Baby has such a deep and abiding affection for her best buddy rock that she always brings it with her whenever they go outdoors. She even sleeps close to her companion, shares loving embraces and cuddles with it when she is asleep. Ange Simmons, the mother of Baby, revealed to The Dodo that her daughter “sleeps beside it every day.”

Even if Baby’s buddy is a little peculiar at times, she is content with the company of this pal. And it goes without saying that Baby and her new roommate will remain roommates for the foreseeable future.

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