It can’t be easy for the innumerable dogs that end up on the street because they don’t have homes and can’t afford to pay for them.
It is challenging enough for animals to find food, water, and shelter, but the outlook is often not optimized for those animals who sustain injuries.

Poppy was found by her owners when she was only a tiny puppy dragging her hind legs down the road.

It is unknown how this unfortunate puppy’s spine was fractured, but the fact that she was unable to move her rear legs after suffering this excruciating injury is clear.

She endured her ordeal all by herself in a secluded location until she came to an animal sanctuary nearby, where staff members rushed to her aid.

When Susanne Vogel and her coworkers came upon the wounded puppy, they were working at an elephant research camp in Botswana, which is located in southern Africa.

Susanne, who loves animals, took pity on the helpless critter and drove her to the closest veterinarian, which was an eight-hour drive away.

When considering the presence of animals and potential predators in the region, the contributors to a GoFundMe page established to assist raise money for Poppy’s treatment expressed their astonishment that she had actually survived.

She exudes the kindest and most kind soul in abundance. “We brought her to the closest veterinary facility, which was an eight-hour journey on bad roadways and required us to take a boat over the Okavango River,” said Amanda Stronza, the organizer of the fundraising effort.

Because it was first believed that surgical therapy was too hazardous to perform on a sick dog, she stayed under the care of a veterinarian until she had recovered enough to be released.

Poppy was reportedly doing well at the Greenside Animal Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa, according to an update posted on the GoFundMe campaign that donated more than $10,000 to cover the costs of her medical care.

She must fend for herself.

Her X-rays revealed that her spine had in fact been completely severed, which meant that surgical therapy would not only cause her unnecessary suffering but also be ineffective in repairing her spine.

According to what Amanda stated, the medical professionals believe that “further physical therapy will help Poppy develop more and regain strength and possibly even some capacity to stand on her own.”

She went on to say that “Poppy will surely also soon have her very own beautiful cart, or wheelchair, to let her run about and chase squirrels.”

The staff had located property in Washington, District of Columbia, for her to live in permanently, and they were working with a travel agency to transport her there.

Poppy’s tremendous perseverance and spirit continue to astound me, especially in light of the new information I have acquired on the severity of her injuries. “What a courageous little dog,” said Amanda in her email.

” We weren’t able to find her in that distant region of Botswana; rather, it was she who discovered us, and I have no doubt that she was acting deliberately.

What a fantastic dog you have! The tenacity and will with which Poppy is approaching her recovery gives me confidence that she will make a full recovery.

Please share this in order to recognize everyone who has helped Poppy along the path to recovery and give them due credit.

By Anna

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