This unusual occurrence took place in the United States. The mother gave birth to twins with an interval of just 15 minutes between them and in separate years.

The couple had twin children, but they were born at various times, years, and months.

The twins made the decision to come into the world only a few days before the new year. The couple was aware that they were expecting to have twins, but they had no idea what their children had in store for them as a surprise when they were born. The delivery of the boy took place at 23:45 on December 31, while the delivery of the girl took place on January 1, 2022.

Eileen was the first kid to be delivered in this particular medical facility in the year 2022.

The delighted mother said that she found it really peculiar that her children were identical twins but had different birthdays.

The staff at the clinic were also taken aback by this turn of events.

It came as quite a shock to the medical professionals as well, and in their reflections on the event, they note that such an unusual delivery has only occurred once in all of their years of clinical experience.

There is no question that they had twins that were born with a gap in time between them, but it was certainly not close to a year.

Fatima and Robert already have two girls and a boy in their family thanks to their marriage. According to what the mother said, the boy was particularly excited to welcome the new member of the family since he would now have a sibling.

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