One of the worst things that could have happened to Blue, a Pit Bull, was that his family abandoned him.

Approximately one year after Blue’s arrival in California, the family decided not to take him with them when they relocated to a different state.

A dog named Blue was surrendered to the Carlson Animal Shelter in California, which is known for having a high death rate.

He was touched to such a degree that he did what any other person would have done: he sobbed out loud. Despite repeated attempts by the volunteers to offer him a treat or simply a kind smile, all he could do was weep because he was overcome by the intensity of what was taking on around him.

However, I believe we all know how these gorgeous Pitbull’s eyes were filled with tears as a result of possible allergies in these images.

Saving Carson Shelter Dogs volunteers, on the other hand, elected to aid him by spreading the video at the bottom of the story on social media, which was much appreciated. In the interest of obtaining public attention, the video was created in the hope that someone would adopt Blue and provide him with a lifelong home. Great people were merely attempting to do what they could to assist. Nothing more than a little support and a companion with whom he might spend the rest of his life was all Blue desired.

Jennifer McKay and Blue ended up becoming closest friends over time. After three visits with him (not just one, but even two), Jennifer decided to bring him back to her house for the third time. “He seemed to be dejected and melancholy,” McKay said in an interview with Dodo. According to him, every time someone walks by, it’s as if they’re on the lookout for the owner. “It’s as though he was aware that they had abandoned him.” Lan, on the other hand, perked up and walked straight to his potential owner when McKay paid him a third visit.

Blue has been acting like a completely different dog since he was taken out of the kennel and placed in a loving home…. Right once upon arrival, Blue was bathed and taken for a stroll around the neighborhood before making himself at home on the family’s living room sofa. When he isn’t napping or driving about in the vehicle with the windows down, his favorite activity is staring in the mirror at himself.

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