Chelsea Elizabeth Cossairt came across Clementine’s picture on the internet only two days before she was scheduled to be put to death.
The scrawny puppy had been discovered wandering the streets of Southern California by animal control officers a few weeks earlier. The woman had been put on “death row” at the shelter due to her many health issues, but there was something about this little photograph that moved the heart of Cossairt.

As a result, she filed an application and was promptly contacted by a rescue organization.
The sanctuary dog will not look people in the eyes when they approach him.

Ginger’s Pet Rescue employee was “knocked down and in tears” when she learned that Cossairt was interested in her, according to Cossairt, who spoke to The Dodo. According to her, of the hundreds of applications they’d gotten for dogs in a preceding couple of weeks, not one had been specifically for Clementine.

When it came to Clementine’s situation, the rescue worker indicated that the canine had a long and uncertain path ahead of her. But Cossairt was already aware that she would go to any length to assist the abandoned puppy in his recovery.
A frightened shelter dog is saved and adopted.

Upon seeing Clementine for the first time, Cossairt could tell that the puppy had never experienced love before.

In the words of Cossairt, “Clementine was utterly scared of humans and would not look anybody in the eyes.” During that period, she trembled all the time, hid behind furniture, and leaned her back against the wall for weeks.”

He went on to say that she had defeated, blank eyes. When we moved up to her or got close to her, she never looked us in the eyes and always lowered her head.

Clementine, on the other hand, had faith in other dogs, and she was immediately drawn to her new fuzzy siblings, Moose, and Maple when they arrived. When Clementine was a puppy, Cossairt glimpsed a glint of the joyful dog she might become.

According to Cossairt, “she searched for convenience in being close to them and going with them as a group about the home or yard.”

Clementine eventually began to feel better and quit trembling after several vet appointments and months of antibiotic and allergy treatment. She had been shivering for months. Moreover, she gained the confidence to look her human mothers and fathers in the eyes.

Clementine’s new favorite activity emerged seven months after she began gazing affectionately at her mother.

In addition, Cossairt claims that the cat “loves to gaze deeply into our eyes when we are petting her, and she is incredibly attentive while we are conversing with her.” “She’s still apprehensive around new people, and we’ve found that moving too rapidly or coming up behind her may startle her. But she’s gone a long way.”

Clementine has transformed into a completely different canine, full of curiosity and fun as if she is reliving the puppyhood that she never had the opportunity to experience. Above all else, she is relieved to have finally found security.

“She lies at our feet while we work from home and enjoys belly massages, which she discovered after exposing her tummy to us for the first time last month,”┬áCossairt said. “She ‘boops’ everything in sight, which we believe is her way of checking things out and finding out what they are. ” She resembles a puppy to the point that we question whether she ever really was a puppy. Her nudge will indicate that you are not caressing her or that you have stopped touching her but she is not quite finished.

Clementine has progressed so much since her adoption that she is no longer recognizably the fearful canine that faced the walls when she was first brought home. Today, she would go to any length for her family, and her family cannot picture their lives if she were no longer there.

“She’s such a nice and kind young lady,” Cossairt gushed about her. “We can see from the beginning that all she wants is to be liked and appreciated in exchange for her efforts. She’s devoted to us and protective of us, and she follows us around everywhere we go.

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