In Mladenovac, Serbia, volunteers observed a dog standing alone on the side of the road in the rain as they were on their way to the Dog Rescue Shelter.

As they got closer, the dog fled off the road and into the woods behind them. However, as the rescuers arrived, the dog got violent, although this was due to her fear of the situation.

However, it took numerous efforts and a great deal of patience before the dog finally chose to trust them.

She allowed them to touch her and even pick her up and take her for a ride in their vehicle. It was they who took her in and gave her the title of ‘Lady’ to honor her.

She noticed an instant improvement in her mood once she was no longer exposed to the cold rain. A clean bill of health was granted to her after receiving the highest level of care and attention.

Lady was adopted by a wonderful family less than a month after she was abandoned! Instead of being left outside in the elements, she now has a spacious backyard to run about and play with her new canine companion and a comfy bed to sleep in.

Watch the video below:

By Anna

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