A Japanese family came to the aid of a small 3-day-old cat who had been abandoned by his mother and siblings. They took him in and provided him with an odd buddy with whom to grow up.

Meet Koma!

He was so little when he was discovered that his eyes had not yet opened. “At the time, he was alone, and he had just been alive for approximately three days,” Mai Narushima said. They decided right then and there that he should become a member of the family.

Because they were interested in documenting Koma’s development, they decided it would be amusing to pair him with a pal to keep him company. When they came upon an Ultraman figure that was the same height as him, they immediately decided it would be the ideal companion for him.

Koma’s family positioned the Japanese super hero next to him, giving the impression that Ultraman was keeping an eye on him.

Once Koma’s eyes were open, Ultraman guided him through the process of learning how to walk.

Everything is better after an exhausting day of play than cuddling and napping in your arms.

This odd couple is madly in love with each other…

He and his friend spend the most of their time together, particularly at their hidden hideaway!

Koma grew to be twice as tall as his pal within a short period of time.

As you can see, Koma has grown into a substantial feline!

And he spent his first birthday with his family…

And, despite the fact that he has grown up, they remain strong friends…

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