When Iraq war veteran Aaron Schneider came across a wounded dog on the side of the road, he felt he had to stop his truck and assist the animal in any way possible.

A life was saved as a result of his choice, which may not have been made by others in the same situation. Furthermore, one fortunate dog will now be given a second chance.

Aaron was out driving one day when he came across a dog that had clearly been hit by another vehicle and was lying on the road. The veteran pulled over, sprinted across three lanes of traffic, and rushed to the animal’s rescue without a second thought. It’s a good thing he did since the dog had been struck by a vehicle traveling at 110 kilometers per hour and left.

Once Aaron had moved the puppy to the side of the road where it was no longer in danger of being hurt by oncoming vehicles, he dialed the emergency number.

There, he sat and waited patiently in the pouring rain for an incredible three hours. As soon as Aaron knew he couldn’t hold out much longer, he fashioned a stretcher for the dog and carried him into the back of a friend’s pickup vehicle.

“My combat lifesaving training kicked in, and I’m grateful that I was able to put it to action in order to save his life,” Aaron said. “Having been in Iraq, you witness a lot of loss, which is one of the reasons I was desperate to see him make it,” he said. “Having served in Iraq, you see a lot of dead bodies.”

Scan results obtained at a later time revealed that the young dog, whose name was Buster, had shattered ribs, a ruptured windpipe, and internal bleeding. To his great relief, he would go on to make a complete recovery, which was made possible in no little part by Aaron’s courageous acts.

Not only that, but Aaron went on to adopt Buster when his recuperation was complete, ensuring that the dog would now be able to live the life of love and care that he so well deserves.

Aaron is an inspiration, and I am certain that Buster will have the best life possible while in your care.

By Elen

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