While taking a stroll around the streets of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Kylie Rose Engelhardt came saw a little puppy tethered to a fire hydrant, which she immediately recognized as hers. After first believing that the canine companion was waiting for her owner, the lady decided to do an investigation to ensure that the cute pet was in good health.

Unfortunately, as it eventually turned out, the dog had been abandoned by her owner, who had left her a bag with food, toys, and even treats for her to find. However, while sorting through the items, Engelhardt saw a message, and as soon as she read it, she knew that the puppy, whose name was Baby Girl, had been abandoned by her prior owner.

A moving letter to the dog’s prior owner was afterward written by the Wisconsin Humane Society on Facebook. After discovering that she could no longer afford to care for her beloved dog as a result of various medical issues, the owner was forced to give up on the animal.

As the group said in their letter, “First and foremost, we are very sorry that you were forced to part with your dearest buddy.” The depth of your affection for her is obvious, and we can see that you tried your very best despite your own physical issues and life’s hardships.

The suitcase you carefully prepared with all of her favorite items shows your affection to us. As we look at her leash, we can see how much you care about keeping her safe from cars. According to the letter, “We sense your affection in the manner you put her in the heart of a neighborhood where she’d be easily discovered.” ‘We can feel your affection in the way Baby Girl seems to be happy and healthy’ As shown by the message you left, asking for someone to assist her when you were no longer able to.”

Baby Girl is doing well, according to the Wisconsin Humane Society, and she will be available for adoption shortly after that. However, more than 100 individuals have already shown an interest in adopting this adorable puppy from a shelter in New York.

“Rest assured that she is secure, that she is receiving a great deal of care from our staff, and that she is on her way to finding her next loving home very soon,” the rescue organization wrote in an announcement. Walks, toys, and a cute’sit’ for rewards are some of her favorite things to do.” A joyful and friendly pup,” says the trainer.

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