Everyone involved in the event, from firemen to medical personnel, has referred to it as a miracle, claiming that only the hand of God could have made this impossible circumstance conceivable.

The near-death episode occurred when a car careened over a cliff in California, yet miracles after miracles occurred as a result of the fact that the father and son who were inside the vehicle were still alive. Greetings from the Lord!

God prepares everything around you for when He is about to touch your life, as was the case in this instance, when a fireman returning from a call on Highway 49 observed the automobile appearing wrecked 500 feet below him on the highway.

The common sense in him informed him that this would not be a rescue operation since no one could survive a fall like this, particularly given the fact that it had been pouring all day. However, when officials arrived on the scene, they were taken aback by the sight of the father and kid conversing.

Despite the remoteness of the site, the poor road conditions, and the height from which it had fallen, the automobile, which had rolled and flipped many times throughout its 500-foot fall, was still in one piece with Scott and his kid still alive inside.

The torrential rain hampered the rescue efforts that were underway to assist take the father and son to safety, but after four hours of nonstop labor, they were rescued and brought to safety.

When Scott and his kid walked out of their vehicle onto the cliff’s edge, everyone, including the police, was taken aback by what they had just seen. After being dragged up the slope by rescuers, they reported, “When they reached the top of the embankment, both father and son were conversing.” “They were sent to valley hospitals,” the statement said.” “We don’t know how long the two were down there before they were found,” says the investigator.

Additionally, it has inspired Sheriff Jeremy Briese to believe in miracles, as he has now referred to this rescue as a miracle. “The miracles were on top of a mountain of miracles,” he said. He described the whole experience as a miracle, beginning with the first discovery of the automobile, through the swift arrival of the rescue crew, and finally to the precise quantity of rope required to bring the family up the cliff. Hallelujah!

The greatest miracle, however, occurred when the father and son were hauled out of the automobile alive and brought to the top of the mountain, where they were able to communicate with one another, much to the amazement of everyone there. God shielded them from harm and kept them safe from suffering any serious injuries.

Even when faced with difficulties and trials, we must constantly remember that our God is with us, and that if we slip into sin, we must swiftly repent and return to Him. You should never forget how far you have fallen in life and how your loving Father has come to your rescue.

By Elen

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