People were afraid of her since she had the appearance of a wolf; yet, her transformation will amaze you!

Hope For Paws has rescued hundreds of dogs from the streets of Los Angeles, many of whom were in need of help. What distinguishes this rescue from all the others will astound and amaze you!

To visit a community in South Central, Eldad Hagar and his dream crew set off on their journey. At first glimpse, they see a puppy in desperate need of rescue and a fresh start in life. However, when they get closer, they find she isn’t even a pup, at least not in the traditional sense.

We assembled the highlights of this odd and fantastic day, using Eldad’s own words and images, from Eldad’s own Flickr account and from the rescue film below, says ilovemydogsomuch, using Eldad’s own words and photos.

“Normally, we rescue dogs, but I am rather certain that we have saved a wolf-hybrid this time!!”

“Julia had an old rope attached to her, which suggests to me that she was owned and mistreated to the point of being criminally negligent… As a result of the diseases, this poor female was bloated to the point of bleeding and pus was flowing from every pore. It’s difficult to see her because of the coat, but she is essentially skin and bones.”

“Lisa provided Julia goodies and worked patiently to acquire Julia’s confidence,” says the author.

“Even though Julia was really thin and starving, she ate with such gentleness.”

Eldad and Lisa decided it was time to attempt to lure Julia into their vehicle with the help of the fortunate red leash. Julia required rapid medical assistance, and every second that passed meant that she would have to suffer for an extended period of time.

Julie was apprehensive about getting into the vehicle, so we had to encourage her and explain that things were going to become AMAZINGLY BETTER for her. ”

When Julia arrived at the clinic, she was subjected to a skin test to determine if she had Demodectic Mange. The outcomes were encouraging. Eldad and his staff were well aware that there would be a difficult path ahead for Julia, but they believed it would be well worth it.

“Julia’s paws were bloated and her nails were quite long… There was a lot of suffering, but everything was about to change.”

“As the water began to break away the scabs, Julia began to bleed profusely from all directions. “A medicinal bath is a crucial step,” says the doctor.

After Julia’s bath, she leaned her head on Lisa’s shoulder. She was relieved that it was finally done. By making this gesture, it was clear that Julia’s rescuers had finally acquired her confidence and respect.

Julia was ready to be placed in a foster family after a week of medical treatment. Finally, she would be able to live the life she had always wanted. Her real colors were shown, and she learnt to wag her tail. And, ohhhh, all of those puppy grins… they simply wouldn’t stop pouring in from everywhere!

The most heartwarming element of the tale is that Julia has found her perfect home. She will never have to be concerned about having an empty stomach or being alone on the streets again in her life! Her rescue is incredibly incredible to see (check out the video below!). Thank you so much to Hope For Paws for what you have done and continue to do for pets in need!

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By Elen

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