More than a dozen rescue organizations conducted raids on many cockfighting businesses in Marlboro County, South Carolina, saving 120 roosters.

There were also 10 newborn puppies in a makeshift cage adjacent to an emaciated Pit Bull who was tied outdoors, which the officers discovered. During the course of the operation, more than 25 persons were detained.

While watching the report of the rescue on television, Northam and April Morris were extremely taken aback when they recognized the Pit Bull. Nina, their Pit Bull, had been taken from their yard in December, and it was Nina who was recovered from the operation by Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, a company that was participating in the rescuing.

Despite posting on Facebook, putting up posters, and looking for Nina for more than a year, the couple had received no word about her until she appeared on television.

When a volunteer with Carolina Waterfowl Rescue by the name of Amie gave Nina a hug, it was a wonderful moment that was captured on video. Consequently, they abducted Nina, who was reunited with her family after about two years.

Nina’s puppies are among the ten new-born pups in the litter! As a result, they were all sent to Nina’s family to live with them. Fortunately, the ten puppies are currently being cared for by the family until they are old enough to be placed for adoption. Even better, they have already found their permanent homes, which makes everything even better.

By Elen

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