When dogs become older, the duties of a dog owner do not alter; in fact, they become much more difficult.

We often see and hear about dogs that, as they get older, are switched for other pups, which we believe is a cruel practice.

There are also instances in which the owners of these animals abandon them because it becomes difficult for them to care for the animals and because they cannot afford to pay for the necessary veterinary treatment.

The hero dog in our narrative was previously quite healthy and energetic, but after a period of time he got ill, his legs went paralyzed, and it became very difficult for him to walk about.

Instead of providing adequate care for the dog, the owner herself decided that it would be preferable if she just abandoned the canines somewhere in the woods near her home.

When she returned home and learned that the dog was nowhere to be seen, she understood how badly she had treated both herself and the animal.

She realized she was completely alone at this point.

She broke down and sobbed uncontrollably.

By Elen

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