Matthew and Marshall were abandoned shortly after birth, with no family to care for them.

No matter what, caring for newborns is a lot of labor. However, caring for infants born with genetic defects can be even more difficult. Nurses, in particular, are noted for their gentle temperament and concern for babies. In this tale from 2017, a Minnesota nurse brought compassion to a whole new level.

Linda Trepanier is a full-time medical foster care provider and a Minnesota nurse. The nurse showed the world just how much she loves children in need when in 2017 she adopted twin boys Matthew and Marshall who were born with Pfeiffer disease, who she had

Trepanier came into their lives because their parents were considered unsuitable to look after them. Matthew and Marshall were taken from their parents immediately after their birth in 2014, due to their parents’ inability to care for them. The lads were left homeless as a result of this.

Trepanier, who was 58 at the time she was interviewed in 2017, consented to foster the boys until they could find a permanent home. She was the ideal candidate for the job, having already fostered 16 children. Trepanier is both a parent and a grandparent, giving her a wealth of experience with young children.

When Matthew and Marshall moved in with Trepanier in 2014, they were just 4 months old.

She accepted the job fully knowing of the twins’ particular demands and the necessity for round-the-clock care. The breathing tubes and body temperature had to be constantly monitored. Trepanier told the New York Post how quickly she fell in love with the boys in an interview.

She said, “I thought the twins were the cutest little creatures I’d ever seen when I first saw them… They had large heads and little bodies. They weighed 8 pounds, but their bodies were the size of newborns, so their heads accounted for the majority of their weight. They simply captured my heart. They were my lads, I knew in my heart.”

Trepanier also has three biological children, all of whom are now adults, and three adopted children in addition to the twins. Matthew and Marshall, who will turn eight this year, look to be doing well. The twins were dressed up in cute Winnie the Pooh-themed costumes in a Facebook snap Trepanier uploaded in November 2021.

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