After spending his last dollar on two small lost boys he had never met before, a poor man is rewarded with wealth beyond his wildest dreams.

“Give me some money.”

Derek Blaise was walking down 3rd Avenue in New York when he heard the last thing he heard was that. Because of the high rate of mugging in the neighborhood, there was a widespread call for assistance from the general public; Derek was one of the victims.

His spine was pinched by the rifle barrel and he caught a breath of the luxurious cigarette smell as soon as the words were said to him. He reasoned that this moron was most likely trigger happy at the time.

In the past, Derek had been in a similar predicament and had been able to get away. This time, however, when Derek made a move, the gunman slammed him in the face with the butt of the weapon, making him completely ineffective on the spot.

Upon waking up, the little cash he had in his possession had vanished together with the fine hat he had discovered abandoned on the street and claimed for himself. He was depressed as a result of the loss.

Due to his previous status as an extremely wealthy and powerful businessman, his emotions were exceptionally forceful. Then he met Agnes, a young woman who had captivated him with her exotic beauty and honey tongue. That life came crashing down around him when he met her.

Agnes tricked him and stole all of his money, leaving him bankrupt as a result of her deception. She also ejected him from their home and made certain that her security team was aware of his presence on their property.

He was forced to live like a nomad for a period of time because none of his former acquaintances would assist him anymore because he had nothing to offer them in return.

After a few months of wandering around, he eventually settled down in New York City, where he shared a bridge with several homeless people, scraping together their daily meals from the excesses of others.

Derek used to beg near the train station on a regular basis. He was walking down the street when he observed two lads who appeared so similar to one other that they could have been twins. He also noted that they were pleading with the individuals who were coming and going to give them money. As soon as he saw them, he knew them for what they were: begging troughs.

When they came across him, they marched toward him and bowed their heads in reverence to show their respect. “Hello,” they greeted each other right away. “Could you please give us some money so that we can buy food?”

Derek was taken aback; it had been a long time since he had been approached for money. However, Derek’s surprise rapidly turned into fury as he sought to figure out why the children had approached him for money given the state in which he was clothed.

“Get out of here,” he instructed them. They, on the other hand, refused to budge. They just stood there, lads who looked like they were 11 years old, staring at him with knowing expressions on their faces.

Derek couldn’t force himself to turn his back on them, even though they appeared to be living on the streets and appeared to be making a living from it. After a few painful moments of deliberation, he handed over all of the coins he had in his possession.

He could have used the money to buy lunch for himself that day, but he realized the boys were in greater need, so he donated it to them instead, preparing to starve until he could earn enough money to buy food for himself and his family again.

But he had no expectation that the twins would go out and get some food, and then come back and share it with him. When the guys realized he was down to his last few dollars, they approached him and offered him their assistance.

In return, he expressed gratitude by saying, “Thank you.”

Derek took advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the boys as they ate in a secluded part of the train car. As he put it, “thus” “Can you tell me about yourself?” A little more encouragement didn’t hurt, either.

“We came here with our mother from another city, but we got separated from her in the crowd and became disoriented,” Norman explained. “We were separated from her in the crowd and became disoriented.”

In the meantime, he inquired, “have you both been living on the streets?”

Despite the fact that we don’t want to believe our mother abandoned us, Jordan explained that they had stayed near to the location where they last saw her in case she came looking. “A short distance away, we reside in a basement. Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, so please stop by.”

In Norman’s groaning voice, he said, “Oh go on, tell everyone where we live so in no time it doesn’t belong to us longer.”

“Don’t worry Jordan, I’m not going to try to kick you out of your house,” Derek promised the youngster. They all parted with smiles on their faces, and Derek promised to pay them a visit.

Derek set aside all of the money he was able to collect from passersby in order to achieve this goal. He wanted to purchase the twins a cake for their birthday in order to brighten their spirits a little. He was in a bakery looking through a cake catalog when he noticed an old flier that drew his eye. It contained a photograph of the boys as well as instructions on how to contact the police or the boys’ mother if they were discovered.

“Can I use your phone?” he said of the attendant, who responded courteously.

“Of course,” the portly woman said, and she escorted him to a landline, where he was able to contact the father of the youngsters.

I asked him where he had found them, and he replied, “I’ve tracked down your boys,” says the detective.

“What? What is this person’s identification? We’re really grateful! Do you know where they are? I’m curious as to where we can meet.” It was apparent in their mother’s voice that she was relieved when she questioned, “Who is Vanessa?”

It was “on the condition,” he stated, that I would tell you what I was planning on doing.


His response was, “You’ll assist me in choosing their favorite cake.”

“I forgot to mention that they have a birthday today. I believe you’ve tracked them down, “a woman groaned, and it appeared as though she was hurrying out of the house

“Please don’t hang up,” she instructed. “How are my sons doing?”

In the end, Derek decided it was better if Ma’am saw the people for herself.

He gave her his address, and the following day, he went to see Vanessa in person. He escorted her to the basement, where the boys were waiting for her. She was transporting the cake that Derek had purchased for them.

However, they were stopped by their mother, who had to hoist the cake high above her head in order to avoid the cake from being squeezed between them and the cake. Derek stepped in to take it away from Vanessa, allowing her to freely hold her children while crying tears of joy. They had been gone for a year when they were found.

Vanessa was at a loss for words when it came to thanking Derek. He later informed her of what had occurred to him, and she decided to assist him by inviting him to accompany them as they returned to Ohio – where she had finally found a place to call home and begun to establish a name for herself.

She accommodated him temporarily in her guest room and assisted him in obtaining employment as an accountant at a small information technology firm. He had been staying at her home for several months as he struggled to get back on his feet, but he was unable to leave when the time came.

Vanessa had fallen in love with him because of their interactions and the link he shared with her children, and he had fallen in love with her because of her beauty and grace.

They continued to live together and, after some time, made the decision to make things official by getting married in a religious ceremony. Jordan and Norman served as the wedding party’s ring bearers.

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