Rescuers were alerted to the presence of a kitten that had been trapped between two massive construction rocks for at least two days and maybe longer, due to the generosity of an anonymous homeowner. After hearing the cries for help, she was determined to track him down and bring him back to her.

This cream-colored cat managed to become wedged between two big boulders that were just a few inches apart while it was only a few inches apart. When the owner of a home on Greenville Avenue in Johnson, Rhode Island, died away, the house became available for purchase.

The moment they discovered the kitten jammed between two big boulders, they immediately called for help on the phone.

In order to pull the two large stones apart, firemen and animal control officers from the Johnson Police Department employed the Jaws of Life, an internationally recognized instrument. Everyone took turns touching the cat since he was so terrified of the pebbles, and ultimately he was able to be liberated.

While asked about the incident, Officer Erin Medeiros said, “He was silent when we did it.”

“All of the men worked together to find out the best approach to deal with the situation, and some leapt on one side while others leaped on the other, so even if anything went wrong, we still had a large number of firefighters hanging on,” she said.

It is the narrator who remarks, “What a small soldier!” Another one of his monikers is “Soldier.”

“What a very stressful but amazing day! We rescued countless creatures, but one cat called Stunner, which means miracle, came out on top!” says the author. “I’d want to express my gratitude to the Jacksonville Fire Department and the Jaws of Life for aiding me in saving him, as well as to Julie Ring for taking him in without hesitation,” Medeiros posted on Facebook.

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