Pit Bulls are often regarded as a nasty breed by the general public. This is mostly due to the wicked people who have tortured them by using them in dog fighting throughout history. Additionally, there were several media articles detailing instances in which Pit Bulls at tacked or mauled small children to live.

Although the fact is that these dogs have the potential to be just as loving and sociable as any other breed, they are not necessarily more so. All we have to do now is give them the opportunity to prove everyone else incorrect.

Fortunately, Kiah, a female Pit Bull who goes by the name of Kiah, is already doing just that.

As a result of her discovery walking the streets with a bloodied head, officials were able to hunt down her owner and prosecute him with animal. Kiah was eventually taken up by the Kirby Animal Shelter in Texas, where she remained for the rest of her life. When the staff discovered the dog was much too bright and nice to be left alone, they set out to find her a permanent home. However, as time went on, they recognized she would become an excellent police dog.

Soon after, Kiah was accepted into the Universal K9 program, where she immediately made an impression on everyone. She was a vivacious, friendly, and simple to teach young lady.

Kiah is now the first Pit Bull police dog in the state of New York, having completed her training and received her certification. Poughkeepsie Police Department is now using her as a Rookie K9 Sniffer Dog in their K9 Sniffer Unit.

Kiah’s handler, Officer Justin Bruzgul, explains that “it doesn’t matter what breed of dog has the energy to utilize her nose and the desire to satisfy her handler and accomplish that working job,” as long as the dog “wants to please her handler and do that working job.”

When Kiah isn’t battling criminals, she’s battling negative perceptions about her breed of dog.

“We are very proud of our Kiah!” the Kirby Animal Shelter stated on its Facebook page. She is establishing a high standard by demonstrating that pit bulls can really make our communities safer, rather than more violent… Excellent work, Kiah!”

By Elen

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