To say Corbin is a huge dog would be an exaggeration. As a Great Dane, he’s 150 pounds of legs and devotion, and the better way to define him is as a “gentle giant.”

Since he’s so large, Karen explained to The Dodo, “people will cross the road to avoid him, but they aren’t aware that he’s scared of his own shadow.”

Corbin’s heart is bigger than his physique, and kittens melt the heart of this massive dog.

The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society have been fostering kittens for a number of years, and Karen is no exception.
Anyone would be delighted to spend time with Karen’s foster kittens, but “the highlights of his (Corbin’s) day is when he is permitted to come and spend some time with the kittens,” as Karen puts it.

Corbin was introduced to the foster kittens by Karen, who took precautions to keep him away.

In addition to tripping over things, he sits on people and on our dogs.
The kitten room, on the other hand, was empty since Corbin had had enough of Karen’s concerns and darted past her.

Despite the fact that he was massive in comparison to their diminutive size, Corbin proved to be the gentlest canine kitten foster dad ever!

His dog’s tongue is big, and he enjoys licking the babies with it, yet he is always cautious around the young kittens, acting exactly like a wonderful mom cat!

Among the foster kittens that Corbin has cared for, one cat, in particular, stands out as Corbin’s most treasured companion.

Jesper was smitten with the gigantic dog from the moment she first laid eyes on him. Having the ability to be so close to her larger companion was a treat for the little tabby cat.

‘She’d chew on his paws a little bit, and I believe that was just her way of saying ‘Hey, Corbin, I’m here,'” I recall thinking. I’m right there with you. “Come and hang out with me.”

The couple’s bond, which Karen witnessed develop, was described as “simply connecting” by the woman who witnessed it. “It was just delightful.”

Even though Corbin misses Jesper, he realizes that adoption is the ultimate goal, and his mother is proud of him for his gentle personality. Jesper has found a new family, and Corbin is happy for him.

“The fact that he has this ability, I absolutely admire it in him,” Karen expressed her admiration for her husband.

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