People point out, Taka is an elderly Shiba Inu with a sad history who is utilizing his experiences to provide hope and consolation to others.

Following a fire that injured the nine-year-old dog in 2018, he spent time at the Care More Animal Hospital before being adopted by Crystal Lesley, a vet tech who fell head over heels in love with the adorably friendly animal.

Every employee at the hospital adored Taka, but throughout his treatment, he formed an especially strong relationship with Lesley, who determined that she would be the one to care for him in the long run.

Taka would later be trained as a therapy dog by Lesley, who hoped that he would be able to provide comfort to others who had experienced similar circumstances.

Taka’s return home with Lesley was a happy occasion for him, since he had lately been through a series of stressful events. He had not only lost his sight, but he had also lost his family as a result of the fire.

Taka’s family house was set on fire as he was taking a nap in the afternoon, severely disfiguring his face and causing him to lose his sight in one eye.

After a severe fire erupted with little warning, his family was forced to evacuate the scene without him.

Taka finally managed to escape out on his own and survive the fire, although he had suffered severe burns and was in desperate need of medical attention at the time.

Taka’s life was saved thanks to the efforts of the caring veterinarians at Care More Hospital. His recovery from his illness took many weeks, and Taka would not be reunited with his family as a result of his absence from the world.

Taka’s family, stunned by the severity of his injuries, had expressed concerns about their ability to provide him with the specialized care he required.

They decided it would be better to leave Kata in the hospital for the time being. Consequently, Kata was left to complete his treatment and rehabilitation on his own, and he was left in need of a foster home when it came time for him to be released from the hospital.

Even though the family’s tough choice would ultimately lead to Taka’s good existence today, it must have been heartbreaking for the young pup to lose both his sight and his family during that terrible time.

Taka, on the other hand, was overjoyed when he was eventually placed in a loving family with his foster mother.

And what was initially intended to be a temporary residence while Taka searched for a new forever home quickly turned into a permanent residence.

Lesley realized that she would never be able to part with this friendly, positive, and caring pup, so she adopted him and took on the role of his official dog-mom.

However, it wasn’t always simple for the two of them to live together. Taka initially didn’t get along with his new canine siblings, so Lesley decided to put him in the Canine Training Project to help him learn how to get along with other dogs.

Taka received the instruction and structure he needed to feel more confident and comfortable in his abilities.

Taka was doing so well in training, and he appeared to be enjoying himself, that Lesley decided to allow him to participate in Therapy Dog training as well.

He had the kind of friendly and reassuring personality that would make him an excellent Therapy Dog, and she noticed this right away.

He would also be especially qualified to react to burn victims because of his own personal experiences.

It’s been more than a year since Taka was locked in that burning building, and his life has been irrevocably altered as a result of that experience. Since then, he’s gone a long way in his development.

He’s made lifelong friends at the Care More Animal Hospital, as well as a whole new family to call his own. He’s also just completed his Therapy Dog certification. Taka’s Journey is his Facebook profile, where you can follow his adventures and see all sorts of charming and heart-warming things he gets himself into.

What can happen in a year is incredible, and we have no doubt that Taka will make a significant difference in the lives of many people in the following year.

By Elen

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