A lady discovered a homeless cat in an amazingly injured state in her neighborhood.

Upon further investigation, it was determined that the unfortunate kitty had accidently imprisoned herself in a chain-link fence and had been hurt in a frantic effort to release herself. She brought the cat inside her home and wrapped her up as best she could since she was bleeding badly at the time.

The lady made a distress call to the rescuers at “Hope For Paws,” who responded immediately. She started caring for the afflicted creature, who was miserably attempting to cope with her upsetting suffering while she was away from the scene.

By the time the rescuers arrived, the cat’s health had worsened significantly, and she had the ability to walk on her own and was barely conscious.

Posey was given a name by the rescuers, and she was sent to the hospital. As the veterinarian removed the bandages from her leg incision, blood began to trickle down her leg.

Unfortunately, part of her leg had already been mutilated by the fence when she arrived. The veterinarian was forced to amputate the entire leg that was causing her concern in order to save her life from the potentially fatal infection.

Posey seemed to be in good spirits after the operation, despite the fact that she had lost her leg. When she was younger, she developed into a fun young lady, and she was finally adopted by a lovely family! Currently, Posey is living the life of a spoiled princess in her new home.

Aside from that, she is reveling in the affection of her overprotective feline sister, who will not leave her side for for a single second. We’re overjoyed for her and grateful to the people who saved her life!

By Elen

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