In the winter, it is fairly unusual for kittens to seek out items that are warm. They often take shelter in automobile engines and even directly on the wheels, which unfortunately results in numerous deaths. This, on the other hand, is not such a narrative. Recently, a cat became entangled in a vehicle engine, and if it hadn’t been for some excellent technicians, things may have gone horribly wrong.

The tiny 9-week-old cat was stranded beneath the engine for many hours, meowing constantly. It was a terrifying situation, and everyone dreaded the worse. In Frankfort, Kentucky, a kitten managed to get itself lodged in the engine compartment of a cat that had been left in the drive-through window of a Hardee’s restaurant. It was only after hearing the kitten’s feeble cries that the protagonist saw the skinny kitten peeking out from behind the cat.

The guy and the restaurant employees immediately asked for assistance from neighboring mechanics. They arrived quickly and removed the bottom of the vehicle in order to extract the kitty.

After an hour of hard effort, the kitten was finally free. The automobile owner expressed gratitude to the technicians for their assistance and tried to compensate them; but, the Midas of Frankfort mechanical team rejected. They were simply relieved to be able to free up the little man.

After spending the night in the veterinarian’s office, the kitten was adopted by a family who adored him. Our only relief is that everything turned out for the best and that kitten was adopted into a loving family.

By Elen

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