A seemingly little act might mean the world to someone who is desperately in need of assistance. Perhaps this explains why random acts of kindness evoke such strong emotional responses.

A heartwarming incident with a kind guy assisting a stray dog in a kind and considerate way has lately gone viral on the Internet, and it has gained widespread attention.

While riding the metro in So Paulo, Brazil, Felipe and his brother Fernando Gabriel came upon a freezing stray dog resting alone next to a wall. They decided to save the puppy. While Gabriel was waiting to buy tickets, his brother’s heroic deeds brought everyone in the room to their feet and brought them to tears.The young guy approached the shivering pup, removed his shirt off his back, and handed it to the canine. A witness to the whole incident, Gabriel snapped a photo with his iPhone to document the occasion.

“It was the coldest day of the year, and when I spotted my brother removing his rucksack from his back, I immediately began shooting.

THE DODO was informed by Gabriel. “He took off his jacket and hoodie and placed his shirt over the dog, who was really chilly,” he said. He did it on his own initiative. “It was an extremely touching experience.”

Felipe had not anticipated that someone would take note of what he had done. However, he said that he truly regrets not doing more to help the unfortunate pooch. As a result, after a few hours, he and his brother returned with the idea of adopting the dog, only to discover that he had vanished from the scene.

“There is no way to alter the world — but you can change the things that are within your grasp,” Felipe said. What a gentleman! Here’s a video of his kind gesture:

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