We’d think many people agree with those who have dubbed it “the best video on the internet,” as seen by the 205 million views it has received.

This video, titled “Ultimate Dog Tease,” was uploaded to YouTube and has received a lot of positive feedback.

However, it has recently begun to make its way around again – and we couldn’t be more pleased with this development.

When a dog owner is chatting to his dog about food treats from the meat drawer, the result is a humorous one-minute and twenty-second film.

This video is especially funny because the owner has overdubbed a voice onto the film, giving the impression that the dog is actually conversing with him in real-time…

Initial conversations with his lovely dog revolve around the meat drawer in the refrigerator, which contains maple bacon. During the suspense, the dog is delightfully “responding back.”

“Yeahs” and “okays” are heard from the dog’s mouth – or at least it appears to be able to communicate this way.

A powerful and masculine east coast voice was used to voice the dog, while the dog was given a more “dopey” and innocent-sounding east coast voice to speak with.

With such adorable eyes and a curious demeanor, it really is the ideal match for the dog.

The talk then begins to take a different direction. After taking the maple bacon out of the drawer and having a thought, he tells his dog, “I know who would appreciate that,” and proceeds to tell his dog more about his thought. The dog looks back, continually responding with “yeah? yeah?” as if to say, “Please tell me you’re going to give me the bacon from the meat drawer! ”

“Me! The dog’s owner exclaims, “So I ate it!” He laughs and looks away at that point, but the dub gives the impression that he’s merely shocked that there was no bacon for him to eat at that moment.

Continuing to taunt, the proprietor remarks, “I also saw there was some beef in there.” The dog quickly perks back up as if it were anticipating something. Perhaps he still has a chance!

In yet another instance, the owner fails to please the dog by eating his steak.

After that, some chicken with cheese that has been wrapped with cat treats!

The dog is quite interested in participating in this dinner, but…once again, the unpleasant news arrives.

It was given to the cat by the owner!

Because of the owner’s innovative editing talents, the dog’s yawn is transformed into the most agonizing sound of disappointment over and over again.

The talk is one that you might easily envision yourself having with your dog!

Of course, it didn’t take long for the video to go popular after it was posted online. And now what? It has received more than 205 million views to date.

This video will remain the most-watched video on the internet in perpetuity.

“I’ve been viewing this video for five years and never get tired of it; it’s fantastic for morale.” I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to this gentleman and his wonderful puppy for bringing so many smiles to my face. “It keeps a retired soldier seriously amused when he’s down in the dumps,” says the author.

In the last eight years, my family has brought this film to our attention at least once every two months.”

It is reasonable to say that this film will continue to bring smiles to people’s faces for years to come. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and click on the video link below and see it right now.

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By Anna

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