Chris was preparing the driveway when he noticed a cat living outside in the -20-degree temperatures. The cat was not alone, since there was a second cat hiding in the woods with him. He realized at that time that he had to do something to help the cats. He didn’t want to abandon them amid the sweltering conditions.

He tracked out their tracks in the snow and worked out where they were going. Clarence and Midnight, two stray cats, crept under a trailer and inside the padding to keep warm. They were fortunate in that they had a caretaker named Jean who was feeding them and providing shelter.

Together, they devised a strategy for Jean to apprehend her prey. On New Year’s Day, Jean called Chris and informed him that she had successfully trapped Clarence, and she arrived immediately to drop him off.

Our cats would go insane if we allowed him to stay in our home, so we couldn’t bring him in.” As a result, we transformed the garage into a comfortable, warm, and inviting space for him. Until I could locate an appropriate foster home, this was only a temporary situation.”

Clarence was known for making a lot of noise, but he was also a pretty nice guy. Later on in the day, Jean was successful in capturing Midnight, the black cat. The two cats were taken to the veterinarian to be examined for health problems and to be scanned for microchips to ensure that they were not owned by anybody else.

A woman came across the photos of the two cats on the internet and immediately fell in love with them. She got in touch with the rescue organization and expressed an interest in adopting them. It’s wonderful to know that they were adopted into the same family.

By Anna

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