According to accounts, this poor heartbroken cat has spent the better part of a year living at the grave of her late owner.

The sobs of the sorrowful animal were heard for the first time while it lay on the ground at the burial mound in Central Java, Indonesia.

Seeing the cat nuzzling a small blue headstone while walking down the street, Keli Keningau Prayitno, 28, tried to adopt it, but it just kept returning to the same spot.

Every day, the pet returns to her former house, where she is fed by the elderly lady’s children, before returning to the graveyard.

It will not leave the grave, despite the fact that it is being fed and watered by onlookers. It rolls around in the soil and sleeps in the same spot every night.

A father of one named Keli claims that “after the cat’s mother passed away, she has been staying here at the grave.” She is adamant about not returning home. For about a year now, she has been in this place.”

“I assumed she was homeless and attempted to assist her, but she would always return to the same location.”

“I saw her every day and saw that she was always present, but that she would occasionally disappear for a couple of hours and then return,” I said.

In the meantime, I followed her to the house where she used to live, where she would be fed by a group of the lady’s grandchildren.

“At that point, the cat would return to the same spot.” The cat meows while she rests. We are seeing something really sad. It demonstrates how emotionally attached animals are to their people..”

It has been a year since the cat was last spotted at the gravesite, despite the fact that it has been offered many new homes in the meanwhile.

“We give the cat some food and water, but she prefers to return to her house.” Each and every day, she comes to the cemetery.”

By Anna

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