“I held him in my arms as he drifted off sweetly, with his father’s arms wrapping around us. A hole has been dug into our hearts. We have lost an extraordinary little guy,” says the world.
The love between parents and children is one of the most intense ties that any human being can experience. When we create something, we set out to safeguard it as much as we can. This becomes our life’s mission.

But sometimes things happen that are beyond our control, and we are powerless to protect them from the consequences of such events. A perilous place to be on this planet is to be a human. Everywhere we turn, there are vehicle accidents, shootings, natural disasters, and illnesses.

When Charlie Procter, 5-year-old, was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, rare cancer, his parents were faced with a difficult decision. However, in Charlie’s instance, it was able to quickly migrate to his lungs and cause him to collapse.

According to iNews, the youngster from Lancashire, England, first became ill when he was three years old. People Magazine stated at the time that cancer had been put into remission, but that the illness had returned after a period of recovery.

Charlie’s parents have struggled valiantly to find a cure for their ailing child, and their efforts have brought them into the national limelight recently. Soon after, a number of celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres, urged others to assist Charlie’s parents in their search for a solution.

He was hospitalized in October when his health deteriorated due to the generosity of over 18,000 people who donated to the poor family. Amber Schofield, Charlie’s mother, shared details of her son’s fight with cancer on her Facebook group, Charlie’s Chapter.
According to her, he is “degrading more and more” with each passing day, to the point that “he no longer appears to be Charlie.” He had shrunk to the point where his bones could be seen through his clothing. This is a far cry from the plump, cheerful child I used to be.

Upon Charlie’s passing, Amber noted that he had not only been an inspiration to herself and her husband but that he had also been an inspiration to thousands of people around the world. Her subsequent letter stated that Charlie had demonstrated to her “what true love is.” Her next words were a tribute to Charlie’s fortitude in his cancer battle. The time has come to take off.

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