When fighting in conflict zones, many military men and women are paired with military dogs since dogs have proven to be a great asset to troops. Canines play a variety of tasks in the modern military, ranging from combat-trained battle dogs to scouts, sentinels, and trackers. The duties they play are numerous and incredibly vital.

Human troops are instructed to treat these canines as equal partners and not to develop emotional attachments to them, as well as to maintain a strictly professional connection with them. That is, without a doubt, easier said than done, as we all know. It is not uncommon for human to form great friendships with their canine counterparts throughout their military service. And this only adds to the difficulty of the time when the two must say their final goodbyes.

The sergeant in the video below understands precisely how it feels. A back issue forced the man to leave the military. However, everything comes at a cost, as his retirement means saying goodbye to Cila, a gorgeous chocolate Labrador who has been a devoted friend and companion for many years. After returning to the United States, the man assumed he would never be able to hang out with Cila or even see her again. But then something incredible happened. Take a look at what I found!

Watch the video below:

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