After years apart, a retired soldier finally gets to see the dog he had served with throughout his time abroad. The emotional reunion was made possible owing to the efforts of a flight attendant, who captured the occasion on camera..

Taylor, a highly trained service dog, has been sent abroad on multiple occasions, most notably in Afghanistan. However, she was deployed with Sgt. Tom Hanson, who served as her handler, on each and every occasion. As a result, the two have always had an extremely close relationship. Throughout his time with the Sgt. and his comrades, the military dog had proven to be loyal and protective. In order to repay the kindness, Hanson decided to take the initiative.

Like any other military dog, Taylor had to be placed for adoption when she was no longer needed on the battlefield. And, because Taylor and her old handler were so close in proximity to one another, she could not have been placed in a better permanent home than she did. Thanks to a kindhearted woman named Molli Oliver, it had all been made possible, which was a blessing. It has become Molli’s custom to reconnect retired military dogs with their old handlers, despite the fact that she is a flight attendant. What we call a “hobby” is exactly what it sounds like.

Consider the case in which Molli not only arranges for the dogs’ flight routes and destinations, but she also contributes to the costs of the journey. That’s what we call a recreational activity, and you’re a very nice person! As a result of the generosity of this kind-hearted woman, Sgt. Hanson was able to reunite with his long-time devoted friend, Taylor. All of this took place during a heartwarming reunion. Take a look at this:

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