When a kid is born with a cleft lip, their families are often at a loss as to where to turn for assistance.

Many people in many communities have never even heard of cleft palates, despite the fact that it is one of the most common birth differences. A cleft lip and palate is present in one out of every 700 newborns born across the globe. GSK Consumer Healthcare and its partner, Smile Train, the world’s biggest and most sustainable cleft charity, aren’t only commemorating World Oral Health Day on March 20th by focusing on the topic “Be Proud of Your Mouth.” They’re also focusing on the importance of oral health in general. They are also assisting thousands of youngsters all across the globe in living their dreams!

Global drug maker GSK Consumer Healthcare, the creator of Sensodyne and Aquafresh, is driven by a desire to explore and create science-based solutions that benefit all people. They are staunch believers that everyone deserves access to oral health care, but they are also aware that not everyone has the same level of access. Their mission is to reverse that truth by collaborating with Smile Train to assist folks all around the world in obtaining the dental health care they need to be proud of their smiles!

Smile Train’s goal that every child born with a cleft… should have the dental healthcare they need is consistent with our philosophy that mouths should be a source of pleasure, not pain, and our dedication to tackling avoidable oral health issues with science-based products and services.

In 2018, GSK Consumer Healthcare developed a relationship with Smile Train to provide dental treatment to children. One smile at a time, they’ve worked together to promote better access to healthcare, raise awareness of cleft palates, and boost healthcare diversity, one person at a time.

Smile Train has educated 8,813 healthcare professionals so far as a result of their relationship, and GSK Consumer Healthcare has contributed to the success of Smile Train’s sustainable model of cleft care. They’ve also made it possible for 13,537 life-changing procedures to take place and helped 38,000 families throughout the globe. And they haven’t even done yet!

Thanks to the collaboration between GSK Consumer Healthcare and Smile Train, children like Félix from Argentina have been able to get life-changing cleft treatment. After being born with a cleft palate, Félix was lucky in that he was immediately sent to a Smile Train partner hospital where he was evaluated by a team of doctors.

This early intervention enabled Félix to be equipped with a customized prosthesis, which enabled him to make significant progress in closing his lip cleft prior to surgery. His family was also given advice on proper diet and feeding strategies to aid in their son’s development so that he would be strong enough to undergo surgery.

The fact that, thanks to Smile Train and its association with GSK Consumer Healthcare, all of the specialist treatment he would need at every step of his cleft journey would be supplied completely free of charge astounded his mother.

Noelia’s mother said that every time she had to place the prosthesis on her son or tape it on, she inquired with the doctor about whether or not they would be required to pay for anything. “She always responded that we wouldn’t,” she said. “Once, I accidentally misplaced my prosthesis and worried to myself, ‘Where am I going to obtain the money to pay for it?'” she says. However, since it was an accident, they provided Félix with a free replacement prosthesis. “It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.”

Félix is doing quite well after just one surgery. As a result, he is presently receiving speech therapy, and he will likely need further operations and specialist orthodontics in the future. However, his family can rest certain that GSK Consumer Healthcare and Smile Train will be there for him every step of the way. Most significantly, his mother has been allowed to dream of a bright and joyful future for her son as a result of this life-changing treatment.

“I’m not worried about Félix going to school; I’m certain that he will succeed,” Noelia added. “My hope for Félix’s future is that he will be happy, that he will not be scared of who he is, and that he will not be ashamed of his cleft. “He needs to accept himself just as he is.”

A large number of children’s lives have been altered as a result of the collaboration between GSK Consumer Healthcare and Smile Train. Smile Train will continue to receive significant financing, support, and experience from GSK Consumer Healthcare in order to assist more children with cleft palates in living their best lives possible. GSK Consumer Healthcare is meeting its mission to “Deliver Better Everyday Health with Humanity!” as a result of this collaboration.

Every youngster has the right to be pleased with their smile. So, can you join us on World Oral Health Day in spreading the word about the incredible influence that GSK Consumer Healthcare has had on the world’s oral health? Today is the day to share this tale!

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