Despite the cruel manner she was abandoned, a puppy that was placed in a suitcase and dum.ped in a wintery park has been found to be in excellent condition. Running through a Toronto park, joggers noticed a suitcase laying on the ground and were alarmed when they saw it move. When the runners opened the luggage, they discovered a little Jack Russell terrier mix inside. They were on a seldom-used route in Lambton Park in Etobioke when they discovered the dog.

In this case, one of the joggers happened to be a fan of the Canadian animal rescue organization Black Dog Rescue, and he contacted them for assistance.

Pictures of the abandoned puppy were released on Facebook by Black Dog Rescue in the hopes of discovering the person who left him there. The following was posted:

Do you think you know what this dog is?

A suitcase was discovered in Lambton Park, Etobicoke, on Saturday morning by joggers (who also happen to be supporters of BDR) (near the Humber River at Dundas Street West and Scarlett Road). When they got near enough, the luggage began to move. They could hear the barking of a dog inside.

They were able to determine that the luggage had been tossed down the slope above where they discovered it. Once they had climbed the slope, they were able to trace the suitcase’s drag marks for around 200 meters. It took them all the way to the rear of the Lambton Arena parking lot. It’s possible that the person who did this came from one of the surrounding housing complexes or drove to the arena parking lot in order to get rid of her.

When they were running, they were in an area that was not too crowded for the time of year. Fortunately, the weather was warmer than usual, otherwise she may have perished from exposure to the elements. It was obvious that she had lately given birth to pups. She was checked for the presence of a microchip, but she did not have one. Animal Services has taken good care of her.

The police were called, but they won’t be able to do anything until they discover something on surrounding surveillance cameras. As a result, we must identify her owners so that the police may speak with them. It is imperative that whomever committed this to her be brought to justice. She is deserving of nothing less.

Fortunately, the dog does not seem to have been ill-treated or mistreated in any way. Dog lovers and officials, on the other hand, are perplexed by the terrible manner in which she was abandoned, pointing out that there are simple and compassionate methods to surrender a dog to a local shelter. However, several observant readers noted that the dog seems to be missing an imprint around her neck, which might indicate she once had a collar. The dog is around 5 to 7 years old and does not have a microchip or ID collar.

A veterinarian will do a comprehensive medical examination on the canine later in the week while it is in the custody of Animal Services. She will not be available for adoption while this is going on.

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