When arenas use the “kiss cam” to put couples on the spot during professional sports events, it’s always entertaining to watch.

Taylor Wheaton Baily and her husband found out they were expecting their first child only two days before they were scheduled to attend an Orlando Magic game. She was well aware that she would have to break the good news to her husband, James Baily, in an unconventional manner.

According to Taylor, her spouse has always fantasized about the day I would tell him in a very unique manner. “As a result, I felt it would be fun to appear on the kiss camera.”

Her accomplishment is beyond our comprehension, yet she achieved it. During the game, the kiss cam cut to Taylor and James’s kissing faces. It was revealed by a graphic at the bottom of the screen: “Congratulations, James! “You’re going to be a father!” the message stated.

The expression on James’ face as he realizes what he has received is priceless! When he realizes what has happened, he instantly looks to his wife for confirmation.

It was a “whirlwind of emotions” for James when he first saw the writing at the bottom of the screen. “When I glanced up and saw the writing at the bottom, that’s simply when my mouth dropped,” James said.

Even though they had no idea that their big news would go viral, their phones began ringing as soon as they exited the stadium.

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