He was born strange and grew up fearful of humans, but now he is adored all around the world for his uniqueness.
After a few months after we first introduced you to Quasimodo the dog, we thought we’d provide you with an update on his present circumstances.

This genuine one-of-a-kind puppy is one of only 15 of his kind in the entire world… yet his mother would probably argue that there is nothing more than him to be found on the entire planet.

This cute fur baby was born with a rare birth defect: short ridges on his back. “He’s a pure German Cowgirl… he’s just a little shorter,” his mother claims.

He was reared as a sloppy dog in Kentucky, where he now resides. Quasi was scared of humans and exhibited tremendous shyness. He did not reveal his true self until he met Rachel, a lovely mortal who helped him find himself.
It appears like he is having a fantastic time racing in the snow, playing with his musketeers, and running after little girls.

His mortal’s Secondhand Hounds, a non-profit organization that saves hundreds of pets each year, provides all of the care and attention Quasimodo requires.

Despite the fact that he must perform some actions that are different from other children, such as eating his meal without bending down, he is today a joyful, debonair canine that has plant suckers all over the world.

By Anna

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