Not every superhero is clad in a coat. Some of them have swaying tails and are covered in fur, while others are not. The story is based on a Labrador Retriever who comes to the aid of a buddy who has become separated from him. The friendship that develops between two dogs is really precious.

He has two canine buddies, Rusty and Bullet, whom he adores and who are also devoted to him. So when he saw them drifting down the river in a canoe, he knew exactly what he had to do. After diving into the water, he used his paddle to reach out to the stranded fellow.

Rusty was even aware of the need to transfer the rope to his companion so that Robbie could draw the canoe to shore.

Robbie got out of the canoe by pushing himself out. As Rusty got closer, he understood his friend was on his way to save the day. As a result, Rusty was able to drop the canoe’s rope into the water. Bullet, on the other side, remained alert and barking during the entire process.

Using the rope in his teeth, Robbie then drew the canoe close to the shoreline. All three dogs were reunited with their owners as soon as they reached land, and they appeared to be incredibly pleased with Robbie’s rescue efforts. Despite Robbie’s boldness, the outcome of the event was not solely dependent on quick reflexes. In fact, the pups had performed this “rescue operation” on a number of previous occasions.

This canoe rescue game turns out to be a favorite with the dogs. Most Labrador Retrievers like showing off their retrieving abilities to their owners, and Robbie is no exception. When the canoe was blown into the water one day, Robbie acted quickly to recover it. After a while, the other two puppies wanted to get in on the action, so they’d leap into the canoe as it drifted away, confident that Robbie would arrive to “rescue” them. Because all three dogs are excellent swimmers, they could simply jump out of the canoe if they so desired.

“Robbie genuinely demonstrated how to recover the canoe,” Robbie’s mother recalled. In fact, the dogs were not in any danger. Starting when they were just a few months old, they were all born and nurtured on the banks of the river. Robbie, the Black Lab, had the strongest legs I’d ever seen in any dog… Despite the fact that our canines are capable of swimming the entire 11-mile float trip,”

Robert’s mother claims that Rusty is also capable of retrieving his watercraft. Because of this, he was able to anticipate when to throw the rope to Robbie. Bullet, on the other hand, is only concerned with having his or her voice recognized. Consequently, he barks the entire while the other two are at their respective jobs. Because they appear to be having so much fun with this bizarre game, there is no point in attempting to stop them from going on. It makes no difference what happens to the dogs as long as they are happy and safe.

If you don’t want to miss out, you may watch the video below.

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