Turkish resident Yusuf Klçsar recently released a video clip of an interaction he had with an abandoned pet dog that had been observed walking down a road earlier in the month. He realized as he got closer to the dog that she was holding a plastic bowl of food in her mouth, so he decided to follow her and videotape the entire part.

By partnering with his pet dog, Klçsar was able to enjoy a fantastic excursion in the warm sun. In order to avoid dropping her food, she was attempting to move as swiftly as she could. A procession took him down streets, through a construction zone, and through a junkyard, where everything was on show.

When the mother couldn’t find anything to feed the pups, she turned to the streets for help. The mother dog collapses, most likely because she is malnourished and thirsty herself, but she continues to feed her puppies as she would any other mother in this situation.

Watch the video below in its entirety to witness this adorable moments:

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