In total, this mother-daughter team has spent more than $86,000 on cosmetic surgery. The daughter began working as an exotic dancer when she was 17 years old to help pay for them.
With each passing day, cosmetic surgery advances and becomes more accessible to the public. The increasing need for anti-aging products, as well as the constant desire to look and feel younger, have made the industry’s existence possible in large measure. Depending on the icon fantasy that a person has in their head, they will go to great lengths to embody that symbol ideally. While it’s not a bad idea to appreciate a celebrity and take note of their intransigent characteristics, doing so can have detrimental consequences in some cases.

Georgina Clark and her daughter Kayla Morris had a fantasy in which they wanted to create something that could be described as a doll with Katie Price’s looks, and they wanted to make it a reality. The two women were resolved to look just like Katie Price, their favorite model icon, and used her as their source of inspiration. Even money couldn’t deter them as they sat on the plastic surgeon’s table with a whopping $86,000 in their bank accounts. According to Kayla and her mother, who spoke to News Dog TV, they spent $8000 on their solarium sessions because they wanted to obtain the best treatment possible.

Breasts, lips, hair, teeth, and facial features were among the areas that were targeted. Georgina and Kayla had their breasts augmented as well as their lips and cheekbones filled in. They dyed their hair to match Katie Price’s and whitened their teeth to look like Katie Price, who they idolized. There is a large number of alterations that have been made to get a more prominent appearance.

Kayla was 17 years old when she realized she wanted to make a change in her appearance. Her mother felt the same way, and the two of them set out on a voyage to begin hunting for the finances they would need to make the required changes to their appearances.

Kayla would then embark on her career as an exotic dancer, securing a sponsor in order to build a stable financial foundation on which their ambitions may be realized in the future. Her mother, Georgina, indicated that she didn’t care how her daughter obtained the money in question.

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