Julia Roberts and Danny Moder, the star of the film “Mona Lisa Smile,” not only discovered the perfect life partner in each other, but they also found their dream home in San Francisco when they purchased the 8.3 million dollar mansion.

Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, and other celebrities have become international celebrities. Roberts has had a long and successful career in the entertainment industry, with roles ranging from the down-on-her-luck Hollywood call girl in “Pretty Woman” to the legal clerk in “Erin Brockovich.” She has received numerous awards and accolades over her tenure.

However, Roberts did not always have the good fortune to live in a fairy tale when it came to her marriage. Three weeks after meeting, she tied the knot with country artist Lyle Lovett in 1993. They were married for two years before it ended in divorce two years later, in 1995.

Following the breakup, Roberts was linked to a number of potential suitors, including Dylan McDermott, Matthew Perry, Jason Patric, and Liam Neeson, among others. However, in 2000, she met the man who would become her knight in shining armor, and she continues to gush about him and refer to him as “my person.” ‘I’ll admit it,’ she said.

“It was meeting Danny and then finding my person that was the most difficult. When I think about what makes my life meaningful, what makes sense, and what just radiates from within me, it’s him who comes to mind. For me, that was the beginning of everything.”

While their relationship has survived the test of time, it all began with a tiny scandal. When they first met, Roberts was dating Benjamin Bratt, and Moder was still married to Vera Steimberg, at the time of their meeting.

It was only a few months after Moder’s divorce from Steimberg was finalized that he and Roberts were united in marriage, sparking questions over whether she had been the catalyst for their breakup. Roberts categorically disputed the allegations, stating in December 2003:

“He was able to straighten out his entire situation without involving or involving me. And I went about my business, completely independent and away from him. I believe that is the only way we were able to eventually fall in love with each other and become a family together.”

She went on to say: “I’m a person who is easy to blame -” she did it,” for example — and I’m well aware of this. I don’t mind folks pointing the finger at each other when it’s convenient. It just so happens that this isn’t the case.” Roberts acknowledged that meeting Moder was unlike anything she had ever experienced before, despite the fact that they met through video conference.

She admitted that none of her past interactions had left her feeling quite as rattled as her meeting with Moder. In 2018, she shared the following with Gwyneth Paltrow: “It was probably my encounter with Danny that caused the first true… “seismic shift.” Danny and I are getting married. That was the first, and it was so fantastic and indescribable that my life would never be the same after that experience.”

They had their twins, Hazel and Phinneaus, in November 2004 and their third child, Henry, in June 2007. The couple has three children. According to US Weekly, the actress from “Conspiracy Theory” spoke with Instyle in 2017 and said:

“The problem is, we have these three human beings who are just a perfect representation of the devotion we have for one another,” says the author. ”

Despite the fact that she is a rising star in her profession, Roberts acknowledges that she has experienced the highs and lows of parenthood, but she does not let this discourage her from celebrating her accomplishments. The “Stepmom” actress revealed the following information:

“Many wonderful things have been accomplished by me, and I would be delighted to accomplish much more, if only to impress my children and my spouse. But you know what? I’ll tell you something. Already, I’ve been spoilt beyond measure.”

The actress has frequently discussed her ideas on parenting self-sufficient children, stating: “I’m the one who raises my children now. I don’t want them to go through some of the difficulties that I went through. Having said that, you do require the ability to make your bed, do your laundry, and cook a single meal. These are critical life skills to have. They will have to compete in their own race. They must have their own personal experience.”

Being a mother, on the other hand, has not always been a piece of cake. One of the difficulties the actress has faced as a parent is having limited personal time. She explained that after becoming a mother, her life changed drastically, and she no longer had spare time to do nothing.

“I don’t have time to get a pedicure, but I’m still in good spirits. What does it matter if your feet are scuffed?”

The “Full Frontal” actress tells how, despite having an actress for a mother, her children were first unable to accept the idea that their mother was famous. Roberts provided the following information:

“When they finally realized what was going on, they were like, ‘You’re famous?’ And I added, ‘I suppose a lot of people have watched the movie in which I’m starring, or they might recognize my face.’ Perhaps an hour has passed. ‘Do you think you’re more famous than Taylor Swift?'”

Those innocent children are now of college-going age, notwithstanding their innocence. Roberts is overjoyed that the twins will be starting school in the fall. When asked about her twins, she responds in the following way:

“They are diametrically opposed to one other. My perception of them is that they are not comparable, but rather that they are around the same height. In addition, it was a pretty near birthday.”

The interior of the couple’s SAN FRANCISCO residence.

Aside from figuring out parenthood, Roberts and her cinematographer husband make a good living as landlords. The couple has a substantial amount of land, which includes two Malibu mansions that are only twenty minutes apart from one another.

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