A wandering St. Louis rescue group stumbled discovered a dog with a broken leg and took it in for treatment. They had intended to save, of course, but they had no idea how much more they would be able to save, according to the author. My puppy is one of my greatest loves.

They discovered that the dog was drinking milk not long after rescuing her. It was at this point that they discovered that this dog was a new mother, and that pups had been born nearby. They were shocked. Rescuers were aware that they needed to be located and that they needed to act immediately.

After that, they headed right into the bushes where the mother dog lives to check whether her pups had been abandoned. After pushing away branches and crawling through the bushes, rescuers eventually discovered a little lair for the creature.

There were not only a few pups inside the lair, which was a hole in the ground that appeared like a “shelter,” but a total of 13 puppies. Keeping kids secure and warm was a difficult task for their mother.

Using extreme caution, rescuers gently put each puppy into the container before transporting them and their mother back to the rescue facility. They were able to offer the mother and pups all the medical attention they need while they were there.

The mother will undergo surgery on her wounded leg, and all of the pups will be fixed and spayed before being placed up for adoption when they reach the appropriate age.

Meanwhile, Stray Rescue of St. Louis is searching for individuals or families that are interested in raising pups. They provide lessons, and their website has further information.

Watch the video below…

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