Recently, the Baidu page re-shared an article published by the same publication in 2018 about the story of an upset infant named Teddy. It is well known that it is a character that participates in the “wet system.” When she found out that the owner was removing her from the property in a funny way, her actions shocked many people, both people who loved her and people who found them amusing.

This is how the Teddy Bear Dog grew up, protected by its owner’s unconditional affection. In the eyes of the family, it is a full-fledged member.

Each week, she is taken to a beauty spa by her owner, where she is treated to the extreme. She is frequently taken shopping by her owner for gorgeous clothes and delectable cuisine.

The presence of Teddy at parties is virtually always guaranteed. When the puppy is mentioned, it is often referred to as the “little wife” of the boy.

When Teddy’s owner saw him blissfully playing one day, he had an idea for a teasing joke. The young man’s expression was solemn as he brought the puppy in front of him and said:
“I don’t love you anymore. Go home and pack your belongings, and leave me to live on the streets.”
What the youngster did not anticipate was that the dog would be able to absorb such a large amount of information so soon. Teddy’s joyful look vanished as soon as he finished speaking, to be replaced by a face of panic and despair, and tears welled up in his eyes a few seconds later.
The expression is filled with regret, as if she wants to cry out loud but is unable to do so; only the “window of the soul” sparkles with water.

Moreover, the proprietor was taken aback by his overzealous joking. The youth had not anticipated this change and reacted quickly to comfort those who had been inconvenienced.

Nonetheless, it’s possible that the puppy’s unexpected outburst of emotions caused him to lose his equilibrium. It wasn’t until after the incident that I realized it was all a joke. Tears continued to flow despite my understanding.

“At first, I was planning to make a little joke, but I was astonished to see that scene,” the young child who sobbed and laughed later explained. Haha, that was the first time I’d ever seen him weep.

After the photographs above were published on social media, there was a tremendous amount of discussion. People “melt” before the puppy becomes too adorable. Everyone feels loved when they look at the two braids wrapped with gorgeous bows that move with each head rotation, as well as the teary eyes.

There is no guarantee that animals have feelings or even love. However, after going through a lot of things, we come to believe it. Previously, at the beginning of October 2021, the Sohu newspaper published a similar story, in which the tears of the dog Tieu Dien moved the hearts of millions of readers.

In particular, Tieu Dien became disoriented and was rescued by a coworker, who was grateful for his assistance. Despite the fact that they were living in a corrugated iron house in the center of a massive construction site, they were quite content. However, every good time comes to an end, and six months after the task is completed, the guy must relocate the location in order to begin work on another project.

Despite his reluctance, the young guy was obligated to locate someone to care for Tieu Dien. Because my life is sporadic, I am unable to bring it with me. On the day of goodbye, it appeared that the dog was ready to depart, and the dog did not bother to eat or drink, instead simply following the owner.

When the master and servant were about to board the automobile, they burst into the room and hugged each other. The youngster sobbed, and the dog sobbed as well. Many people are moved to tears by the moment.
Historically, dogs have been considered close companions to humans. It is not difficult for them to win the hearts of their owners, not only because of their intelligence but also because they are highly devoted and affectionate.

As soon as you meet with your loved one, you will swear to stay with them till the end of time. Therefore, many dogs immediately start crying when they hear the word “sen” being separated.

By Anna

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